Love Astrology

Wedding Date Readings

Love Astrology

If you are lovers and friends, husbands and wives, partners, or recently dating, love astrology supports understanding secret desires at any stage of relationship.

​Discover what matters most, both to you individually & as a couple:​

  • keys to happiness
  • clues for connection & communication
  • how to respectfully honor your similarities & differences

​Includes detailed research before your reading + copies of your personal charts.

​$195 for 1 to 2 people 60 min

Wedding Astrology

Explore wedding day options + relationship reading

​Marriage is one of the most important commitments you will make in your life. Many hours are spent on decorating, invitations, vows and location to set the scene to start your new life together. Rivers Blake can help you find a wedding date that optimizes happiness for years to come. See how the stars are aligned before you say I do!

NOTE: Hours of extensive research is required behind the scene before sharing this personalized planet report for you and your sweetheart. Please book at least 2 weeks out.

$375 research + 60 min reading

After the Ceremony

Did you gain insight from your relationship reading? After your initial session with Rivers, astrology can support you throughout your relationship. Navigate changes with compassion and clarity with the insight from the constellations:

  • Family planning
  • Job changes or moving
  • Stress or
  • Loss or health crisis

Purchase a package plan for a reduced rate.

$270 for three 60 minute sessions

Requires Initial Relationship Reading


Are you facing a specific challenge or decision that’s got you stressed out or uncertain? Our Coaching option is designed with you in mind. Ideal for those who may need help finding their voice or brainstorming options to help them overcome their circumstances. Starting at $50 for 15 minutes.

Packages available include:

$50.    Update
$150.   1 /hr
$250.    2 sessions (without time)
$950.    Monthly (without time)
Contact Rivers directly to Schedule package or hour long sessions. Deposits can be PayPal’d to

Manifest in Happiness & Health

Rivers thinks of electional astrology as rather like ritual. It makes you think about your ultimate goal and how you would like it to manifest. It helps you to focus on what is important.

What information is used?

Every sign in the zodiac has a discrete and detailed natal chart based on your birth date, time and location. This determines how the planets will affect your daily life, so remember to check your and your fiancé’s astrological chart before sending out the save-the-dates.